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Ordering & Shipping

Find information about when an order will ship, how long it will take to receive an order, and what shipping options are available.

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Editing, Combining, and Canceling Orders

Find information about editing, combining, and canceling orders.

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Order Issues and Order Returns

Do you have an issue with an order? Do you need assistance returning an order?

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General Product Questions

General product questions, including ETAs, product compatibility, and custom products.

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Technical Product Questions and Technical Data

Technical product questions and technical product data and dimensions.

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Free Shipping

We are happy to offer discounted and free shipping, based on net order value. To learn more view our questions and answers about our free shipping program.

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International Orders

We are happy to accept most international orders! For questions about international orders please click here.

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What payment types are accepted?

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Miscellaneous questions and answers

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Terms & Conditions, Warranty Policies, Privacy Policies, and more.

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V-Band Clamp Installation

Thank you for your purchase! Please take a moment to review the following information before installing your new V-Band Clamp. Our V-Band Clamps, sold individually or as part of an assembly, are supplied with two types of nuts — a lock nut (installed

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