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Do you have sales or discount codes available?Updated a year ago

While it is rare for us to have a storewide sale, we do have a fairly extensive list of "clearance" items and other discounted items available. Oftentimes, when we have excess inventory of a single SKU or a category of items we will offer them at a discounted price, which will be available on our website. Items that have been discontinued and/or are in less-than-perfect condition are also available on our website at a discounted price. Please note, discontinued and/or less-than-perfect items are not able to be returned and are offered as a "final sale" item. 

We are happy to offer quantity discounts on individual items and the quantity discounts, if available, can be found on the individual item page on our website. An example of how the quantity discounts appear on an individual item page can be found below:

If you have a business that utilizes fabrication components and are interested in our wholesale and business discount program, more information and an interactive application can be found here: Wholesale Program. Please note, our wholesale program is available only to qualifying businesses with a business license. 

Please note that we are aware that there are many nefarious websites that show various "discount codes" available for our site, as well as millions of other websites, and we are not affiliated with any of these sites or offers. We do not offer discount codes or promo codes and we will not honor any type of discount displayed on 3rd party websites.

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