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Warranty PolicyUpdated 2 years ago

All Ace Race Parts branded products are offered with and covered by a LIMITED warranty. This limited warranty covers only defects in materials and workmanship and varies by individual product and/or product category. All Ace Race Parts branded products must be installed in a way that protects the product from external and internal physical damage and must be installed in accordance to the individual product's installation recommendations. Ace Race Parts cannot be held liable for product failure caused by improper installation and/or improper handling. 

The sole obligation of Ace Race Parts will be to repair or replace the defective product after inspection by our representative. Absolutely NO ALLOWANCE for labor claims, associated with the installation and/or removal of the product, is made with this limited warranty. Ace Race Parts will not be responsible for any costs incurred to remove the defective product or to re-install the replacement product, nor does this limited warranty cover the costs to repair any damage sustained to the motor, vehicle, or any parts on the vehicle (or any other application in which the product was installed) which may have been caused by the defective product. Our limited warranty limits liability to the replacement or repair of the defective product only. Absolutely no exceptions will be allowed or granted in regards to anything other than the replacement or repair of the defective product. 

To process a warranty claim, please contact customer support ([email protected]) with your name, order number, product SKU, and photographs of the warranty issue. No warranty claim will be valid without a written request for a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Any product returned to Ace Race Parts without a documented warranty issue and RGA number will be refused and returned to the sender.

V-Band Clamp Disclaimer: Absolutely NO warranty is offered for threaded products — this includes, but is not limited to, the threaded "t-bolt" style fastener section of our V-Band Clamps and T-Bolt Clamps. Ace Race Parts brand of V-Band Clamps are supplied with two types of nuts: a Zinc plated metal lock nut and a zinc plated non-locking hex nut. The Zinc plated lock nut ensures that the clamp stays locked in placed during harsh conditions on the street, strip, and track. The zinc plated non-locking hex nut is provided so that the clamp can be used in mock-up, fitment, and pre-installation situations where a lock nut is not required. The non-locking hex nut will not lock in place during use to ensure that the threaded portion of the clamp will not be damaged. Due to the nature of how lock nuts function, Ace Race Parts will not be held responsible for damage caused to the threaded "t-bolt" section of our V-Band Clamps.

T-Bolt Clamp Disclaimer: As stated above, Ace Race Parts offers NO warranty on the threaded portion of our T-Bolt Clamps. Our T-Bolt Clamps are supplied with only one type of nut — a nylon lined locking nut (nylok nut). When threading on this locking nut it will immediately begin to "lock" onto the threaded portion of our T-Bolt Clamps. It is recommended to use a non-locking style nut during mock-up, fitment, and pre-installation situations. 

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