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General product questions, including ETAs, product compatibility, and custom products.


How do I know if an item is in stock?

If the item is in stock the "Add to Cart" button, located on the individual item page, will be clickable and the item will be able to be added to the shopping cart. If not, and the button displays "Sold Out", then the item is currently not in stock.

Can you make me a custom product?

To receive a quote for a custom product please contact us with as much detail about the product, any additional requirements, and a desired quantity. Please note, the minimum quantity requirement for product customization can range from...

I need help selecting the correct product for my application.

If you need assistance with product selection, product compatibility, material selection, or any other questions regarding the use of our products for turbo manifolds, headers, exhaust system, or other applications please contact us.

Product Compatibility and Other Disclaimers

Individual product compatibility, off-road use, and emissions regulations disclaimers.

An item is out of stock, when will you have more?

We strive to keep a large volume of inventory on hand for all of the items in our catalog. While we try our best to never have "stock outs" or other inventory issues there are occasions were some items will be out of stock for an extended period...