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V-Band Clamp InstallationUpdated 2 years ago

Thank you for your purchase! Please take a moment to review the following information before installing your new V-Band Clamp.

Our V-Band Clamps, sold individually or as part of an assembly, are supplied with two types of nuts — a lock nut (installed on the clamp) and a non-locking nut. Metal lock nuts are NOT meant for mock-up or testing. Metal lock nuts will begin to “lock” onto the bolt as soon as it is threaded on. Metal lock nuts should NOT be removed frequently. Attempting to thread, remove, and rethread a metal lock nut may cause damage to the T-Bolt section of the clamp. If you intend to use our clamps during the mock-up process please use the standard finished hex nut (non-locking style). Please note that an impact wrench should never be used to install a V-Band Clamp.

Note: Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due to the use of the metal lock nut during mock-up, testing, or removal. Ace Race Parts is not responsible for damage caused to our clamps due the use of an impact wrench.

Hex Lock NutInstallation (Long Term Applications)Zinc Plated SteelYesInstalled on clamp
Finished Hex NutMock-up & TestingZinc Plated SteelNoSupplied in a small ziplock bag

Ace Race Parts provides as many non-locking hex nuts as clamps ordered (example: if 10 clamps are ordered, 10 non-locking hex nuts will be provided).

Torque Specifications

Please note that the lock nuts supplied with our V-Band Clamps do not require a great amount of torque to be secured on the clamp. The torque specifications listed below apply to all sizes and styles of our V-Band Clamps.

Dry Torque Specs
Lubed Torque Specs
10-14 Ft/Lbs7.2-10 Ft/Lbs

Fastener Size and Thread Pitch

Standard T-Bolt1.500" to 1.750"1/4"-28 (fine thread)22018 to 2201922001 to 22003
Standard T-Bolt2.000" to 5.000"8mm-1.522020 to 2203022004 to 22014
Quick Release1.500" to 2.500"1/4"-28 (fine thread)22117 to 2212222101 to 22106
Quick Release3.000" to 6.000"5/16"-24 (fine thread)22124 to 2213222108 to 22116
Standard T-Bolt1.500" to 2.500"1/4"-28 (fine thread)12018 to 1202212001 to 12005
Standard T-Bolt3.000" to 6.000"5/16"-24 (fine thread)12024 to 1202912007 to 12013

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